Chaotic Queen

Chaotic Queen
Me As A Artist……….

In third grade, I wrote a poem about a frog that I turned into a song. At the same time, children’s TV began airing show promos with a hip-hop flare to them. I was drawn to the music and wrote more poetry thinking about the beats I’d heard. I started listening to musicians in the hip hop field and was introduced to Eminem the next year. My world completely changed. I studied how Eminem used words to convey his message, and I started rapping, mostly in private. I wrote continuously, believing my path was to write hip hop songs for other artists. I eventually began to rap in front of others, both the songs I’d written and freestyling. I was received well and my confidence grew. I began recording in 2012 and in 2014, I started selling my demos to my peers and spitting with other rappers. After I graduated high school, I performed in my first show. I was well-received and booked more shows. I went to a professional studio and recorded “All Falls Down,” the first in a three-part song series. Artists and industry professionals began providing constructive criticism to help me grow. I look forward to making my own way in the music industry, becoming the artist I always have known I can be. I started Chaotic Music to give artists an opportunity to reach their local community after discovering that there was no real outlet for performing in a family friendly environment. Michael Ward at Upstage Arts and I got together and decided that the theater was the perfect venue for bringing together local artists and our community, and thus, Chaotic Music was born.

My Movement…………

Chaotic Music is a music concert movement that connects artists and their community. Each concert event is developed by the artists. Various music genres include Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, and Pop that is family friendly. We (Chaotic Music) want you to be a part of something extraordinary. We write and perform something not only you see and hear but something you feel. Hip Hop is art to speak the mind. Hip Hop bleeds the soul through a melody. Clean music with a story. In addition, we have pop, r&b, and Christian music serving the movement. Come rock out to some new creative lyrics.

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